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Hi, I'm Chick! Glad to see you here. 
This is a secret page for your eyes only. I have a very important announcement to make:


Maxime Dumas wants to

Maxime is a musician and
media composer. And of course, this is not his actual business site. I'll send you there in a peep peep (that's the sound I make, I'm a chick after all!), but for now, please keep scrolling.


Please enjoy the video <3,
and yes, that was the last animation. =)

And here comes the big reveal:
As the main part of his submission, Max has rescored the Wix video called "Is Your Site Next?" 


Turn me off (if autoplay worked on your browser)

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a scale that a little sweet chick could

Wow, that was fun!
Looks like I gained a little bit of weight. I guess I was holding my breath too hard for too long, watching this scary video with this exciting orchestral score. I have to make sure I use Wix so I don't get hacked when I launch my website for my pole vault career!


Thanks a lot for taking the time to take this little tour with me. I've had a great time with you. <3
As promised earlier, I'll send you over to Max's actual website now. You can click on the logo I'm sitting on (did you notice I was standing and sitting on a different object every time?) and you'll get there in no time (hint: you *could* also keep scrolling...) I hope you enjoyed yourself. 

All the best,


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Oh, you're still here?
Well, I know it's getting late, 
but if you want to know more about Max,
and understand what exactly he would love to #UpgradeWithWix and why, I invite you to scroll down just a little bit more to hear directly from the human himself.

All right, this time I'm really leaving now. See you soon!


Play me


Thank you, Chick! Hi everybody!

I want to thank you for making it this far and watching the video with my rescore.

I've had a lot of fun doing it, and I hope you liked it.

A little about me : I'm Max, musician and composer living in Berlin, Germany.
I've been making music for 20 years,

and working in music for 5 years.
I was working as assistant for a composer, 

and have now taken the plunge to become full time composer myself.

And this is where #UpgradeWithWix comes in as a potential godsend.

When I was working with said composer, I had access to all his tools and software. I had a key to the studio and was able to use everything when needed.

As an Independent, things are very different though. Music gear and software are very expensive, and a whole lot of different tools are needed to get competitive results.


So here are the things that would upgrade my business, competitivity, and frankly my life beyond belief. We were asked to "dream really big", so I do. 

(P.s : The last one will make you roll your eyes ;) )





Spitfire Everything Bundle 

 Native Instruments Komplete 14 Collectors

 Orchestral Tools JunkieXL Brass - Berlin Series - Metropolis Ark

Having those bundles would be an absolute dream for me. They contain an incredible amout of sound libraries, from orchestras and pianos to cinematic drums, guitars, sound effects...the list is endless. This would be an incredible upgrade to the possibilities I have for artistic expression, and make me really competitive for any kind of briefs I encounter. I was able to work with many of those instruments before, and I dearly miss them.



Dutch&Dutch 8c Studio

The very speakers you see on the picture behind me. I've had the opportunity to work with them for a while, and nothing comes close.I need those speakers in my life to be able to hear the music properly and produce it to the highest standard I can. The speakers are the most important part of a studio when it comes to making music sound good.


New computer
(no link, as I build computers from separate parts)

A new high performance computer. My computer is from 2018, and while I'm still able to work with it, I often run into performance issues that keep me from having large sessions, and really kill creativity and limit potential..
A high spec'd current gen computer would make all these problems a thing of the past.
Fortunately, I am a windows user, which keeps price relatively "low". A perfect Pc would come at about 3500€.



Neumann U87ai Microphone

A classic studio microphone. Works on every source. I'm in dire need of a professional quality microphone, and the name Neumann commands respect with clients.



Life changing opportunity:

Again, the brief for the competition said we should dream really big. and I'm basically daydreaming now.


*Intense drumroll*


*Drumroll intensifies*

Internship at Hans Zimmer's company Remote Control Productions in Los Angeles

Hans Zimmer is the currently the biggest movie composer in the world (besides John Williams), having scored from The Lion King to The Dark Knight, Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean and many more. 

His company, Remote Control Productions, reportedly does internships with up and coming composers.
Being able to be around them, learn from them, meet people and network
would be another dream come true, and an undeniably massive catalyst for my career.

I would need to get the living expenses covered for the time of the Internship, as the visa would not allow me to work in the US. 
So this would potentially be about arranging the internship and financial support for that time.

Talk about dreaming big..  =) 

Thank you so much for reading through my crazy dreams and needs. I almost feel a little guilty asking for so much, but this is the life changing dream bundle that, just thinking about it, makes my heart go BOOM.  <3

All the best,



Ps. I would be happy to see the rescore I did used in any way you'd like, regardless of being one of the winners or not. I could also make any changes you'd request. Feel free to reach out about that. =)



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